7-Day Sugar Detox

Are you ready to…

  • Feel less bloated
  • Have more energy
  • Have less joint pain
  • Sleep better

Join the 7-day Sugar Detox!

Use the 7-Day Sugar Detox Challenge as a starting point for a new and improved lifestyle! Excess sugar plays a role in obesity, but it has also been implicated in a number of chronic conditions that have serious impacts on health and quality of life. Too much sugar consumption has been linked to type-2 diabetes, heart disease, and dementia. In one study, researchers discovered that sugar actually fueled cell growth of cancer cells.

With this 7-Day Sugar Detox, you will have the tools you need to reduce your sugar intake! You will receive delicious recipes that will show you that you can eat well without added sugar junking up your system. Plus, because this is a seven-day menu, it’s definitely a doable meal plan that allows you to meet your goals for reducing the white stuff!

While recipes include whole food ingredients, some include minimally processed foods, like salsa. When you’re shopping for prepared foods, always read the ingredient label carefully to make sure it doesn’t include added sugar.

We will be focusing on eating whole foods during these 7 days and drinking half our body weight in ounces of water, daily. We will be avoiding: soda, sugary coffee drinks, alcohol, fast food, processed foods, and junk food.

What will you get during the 7-Day Sugar Detox?

  • A recipe guide to follow during the course of 7 days
  • Daily workouts via our Facebook accountability group
  • Daily emails chalked full of information about how to change your body from the inside-out
  • Daily encouragement on your journey!


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