College tips

Your kiddo is headed to college….yikes! Where did those 18 years go? We sent our son off to college last year and we made it through the year 🙂

Here are the things we learned that first year.

What do they really need:

  1. Air tag or tile for backpack, wallets/purses, keys….etc. They are going to lose it at some point so better to have a devise to help find it.
  2. Mattress topper-send some money and get a really nice one. They will be using it every night and the mattresses in the dorms are just foam.
  3. Things they used at home-white noise machine, a favorite blanket…etc
  4. Fan-the dorms can get hot and a small fan is a great way to cool them off, keep air flowing and is a white noise machine.
  5. A diffuser-there is not a lot of air flow in those dorms and they can get smelly 🙂
  6. Medicine/vitamins-pack them a small medicine cabinet. Like band-aids, advil, vitamins…etc. If they use it at home they will use it at school.
  7. Remember-there is probably a Target, Walmart, the collage bookstore or Amazon to deliver what you forgot.

As for you, Mama, plan that the week you drop them off could be very hard on you and them or it might not be. Everyone is different but plan something fun to do so you have something to look forward to.

Enjoy this new stage!