28. How To Be Resilient In Your Business

In today’s episode, Michelle Mercier the host of Resilient Entrepreneur, talks to us about how to be resilient in your business!

You will learn tips to set yourself up for success and the #1 thing holding you back from success!

Michelle Mercier is a Business Strategy Coach and is also the host of The Resilient Entrepreneur Podcast which debuted on iTunes at #15 in the Entrepreneur category and cracked the top 100 in other countries across the globe.
She has 20+ years of corporate and professional experience. Michelle has worked with a wide range of different businesses –from nationally acclaimed non-profits to major corporations like PayPal.
Today, she primarily works with entrepreneurs, small/medium businesses & executives to help them grow and maintain long term success. She loves leveraging her years of experience and expertise to help bring individuals and companies to the next level.

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Website: www.CreateHonesty.com

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