3 Fun Finds 6/8/2022

Each week I share with you my 3 fun finds that are helping me stay on track with my health. I share a fitness find, a health find and a fun find.

This week’s fitness find is: resistance bands. If you don’t have these at home-get them now! I use these bands a couple of times per week for upper body moves and they are perfect for travel. If you are building out your home gym make sure to include these. Grab them here

Our health find for the week is collagen. I have been using collagen for 2 years. I use it daily in my protein smoothies. Collagen is something our body slows down production of as we get older. Collagen helps with hair health, nail health, skin health. Collagen also supports your joints. I recommend these collagen supplements because they are clean and mix well: FASTer Way Collagen and Shaklee Collagen-9

My fun find for the week are these beautful flowers I found at Blue Bird Flower Farm. If you are local (western WI) find them on IG as blue_bird_flowerfarm to see what is available and their hours.