35. Fundraising with a money mindset

Today’s episode we are going to dive into how to create a money mindset so you can reach your fundraising goals!

Our guest, Sonia, will break down how you can fundraise with a high vibe mindset to help you reach your goals.

in 2010 Sonia started her company, Uplifting Nonprofits. Her mission was to save the world. Since then, her mission is to bring a mastery of fundraising to nonprofits so they can be successful in their missions.  She does this by showing nonprofits by increasing their fundraising revenue. In addition, she provides leadership training and coaching to nonprofits. She is known for her program “Unleash Your Inner Fundraiser.”  She has the unique ability to help clients double their results while becoming comfortable in their own voice when asking for donations. Her specialty is working with grassroots organizations.

Sonia’s first career was in the hospitality/hotel field. Her career spanned everything from checking the guest in, to conferences and banquets, to sales and marketing.  She managed teams of up to 30 people and was known for her ability to take unknown hotels and turn them into precious gems. She has brought this experience of relationship building into her current successful business. 

Sonia has had the opportunity to be on Air Force One, Marine One, and in the West Wing. She hopes to meet President Jimmy Carter. 

She comes from a multicultural background and  speaks 3 languages Arabic, French and English, and travels regularly, except for now. She lives to travel and eat potato chips!

Her clients have said – “Gained comfort and encouragement to ask.”  “Supported while moving out of my comfort zone on asking.”  And her favorite “Realized that what I needed to be a more effective fundraiser is helping me be a more effective person in my life.”

Contact Sonia at: sonia@upliftingnonprofits.com

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