6. Does your environment affect your money mindset?

There are a lot of things that affect your mindset. Did you know that your environment is a BIG one that will make or break your mindset. Here are 5 environments that will hurt your money mindset and how to change them.

  1. Social Circle-Who you hang around with has an impact on your life including your mindset. If you want to make more money hanging around with your broke ass friends that complain about how broke they are is only going to hurt you. Look at your social circle-are the people you hang around talking about how to make $ or are they talking about how broke they are? If it is the latter-you need to find new friends. It doesn’t mean you can’t hang with your broke friends but you need to minimize your time with them. If you are trying to change your mindset and habits hanging with the same people that don’t want to grow will just hold you back.
  2. Health-You might be thinking, “what does health have to do with my money mindset” a lot actually. How do you view food/health? Do you complain that certain food to too expensive so you won’t buy it? How does your body feel? Do you have energy, do you sleep well at night, are you bloated? All of these things affect your mindset. If you feel like crap it is really hard to keep a positive mindset. If you want a lot of energy to be high vibing and creating money do you think eating a can of spagetti-os will help your body feel good? No, start thinking about how you feel when you eat. What food makes your body feel good? In order to be positive, high vibey and a money manifesting machine you need to be clear headed, have energy and feel great. So, eat healthy and move your body.
  3. What you see/put in your head- social media, books, podcasts, tv…….all of these things help or hurt your environment. What you watch, listen to, read are so important. Perhaps, the most important tip is this one. STOP watching the news, STOP scrolling social media, STOP listening to the crap and START listening to upbeat, positive, motivational things. Start listening to podcasts that talk about mindset, money, motivation…etc. Pick up a self-help book and start reading it. What you think about, you say, which then becomes your beliefs. If you want to change your beliefs you need to STOP doing what you are currently doing.
  4. Lifestyle-What is your money goal? How much money do you want to make? How do you want to spend that money? Where will you live? You need to start being that person NOW. Start to embody what you think your future money making self will be. If your goal is to buy a designer hand bag and currently you carry a ratty, worn handbag can you go to a discount store and purchase a bag that is the same color you want, that looks similar to your designer bag. Find ways to embody this person you want to become-if you become her now, then you are opening yourself up to creating the life you desire.
  5. Self talk-What are you saying to yourself? Are you saying, “I’m broke” because if you are STOP doing that. What you think, you say and you believe. So, if you are looking to change your money mindset you need to start talking to yourself differently. Start with a mantra or affirmation. Repeat it all day long, say it out loud, say it quietly, say it in the car. Say it until you believe it to your core. Here are some examples “I love money and money loves me”
    “Money flows to be easily”

    I would love to hear which one of these environments you can changing first. You can reach me in the High Vibe Money Tribe fb group, at ptwithlisa@gmail.com, and listen to my podcast, High Vibe Money Tribe