Favorite Finds-March 2023

Welcome back to another post of Lisa’s favorite finds. These are 3 items this month that are helping me stay on track with my health and fitness goals and having some fun.

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First up is our fitness find. This has been on my list for a few months now but I held off on buying it thinking it would get warmer outside and I would continue my outdoor walking…..then it snowed and the next day I bought it 🙂

This is the walking pad. It is perfect if you don’t want a large treadmill or the large treadmill price tag. It folds up and the handle pushes down so it fits under a bed or couch. The model I bought also stands up on the end when folded up so perfect to push up against a wall. I have the R1 model which goes up to 6.2 mph so you can jog on it. There is no incline on these walking pads. You can find them at www.walkingpad.com

My health find for this month is one I have talked about before but it’s just soooo good! The Miss Mary’s Mix is my favorite margarita mix because it doesn’t make my stomach hurt and it’s not sugary sweet. Plus for only 30 calories and 3g of carbs this will help me stay on track with my macros. You can use it as a mocktail or add tequila for a cocktail. Make sure to check out their coffee syrups as well. AND watch Tristina, the co-owner of Miss Mary’s Mix, and myself whip up a few cocktails and coffee drinks on my Instagram.

My fun find for this month is a skincare product I have been using and loving!!

This is Beautycounters reflect effect Bamboobuff exfoliating polish. This is a bottle with exfoliating polish in it and you add it to your cleanser. I love this because you can make your favorite facial cleanser into an exfoliator by using this product. It’s very fine and doesn’t irritate my skin, like other products do. Plus, I love that I can add it to any cleanser I want. You can find it here

I hope you enjoyed this month’s fun finds. I would love to hear what items are helping you on your health journey.

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