Fun Finds 7/13/22

Each week I go live on IG @lisaholtan and bring you my 3 Fun Finds for the week. It is a fitness find, a health find and a fun find. These items are helping me stay health, get fit and have fun along the way. Here are this weeks fun finds:

Fitness Find is a glass water bottle. I bring this water bottle with me everywhere I go. Staying hydrated helps with your health and fitness goals. I love this glass water bottle because it fits in cup holders and big enough for fruit slices and ice cubes.

Our Health Find this week is one we have done before but you NEED it-LMNT salt for your water. Why do you need salt? Some people (me) can drink ALL the water but my body doesn’t necessarily absorb all the nutrients from the water. LMNT salt helps my body get in the electrolytes and sodium I need. I also eat very healthy and mainly whole foods so I don’t get a lot of sodium in my diet and some sodium is good for us. I use 1 LMNT packet per week in water and I feel better when I use it.

My fun find for this week was a house warming gift-Jimmy Buffet Margaritaville maker. This blender is amazing! We are having FUN trying new recipes. This is definitely the best house warming gift you can give someone!!

I would love to hear what is helping you on your health journey. Send me a message and let me know.