12. Your Happiness Is Your Superpower

Today we are chatting with Dr. Brenda Brummond about happiness.

Dr. Brenda is a down to earth coach, inspirational speaker and co-creator of of an amazing personal development program called, Soul Aligned Confidence. She has helped hundreds of successful, ambitious women who have a great life on the outside but struggle with confidence inside. She helps them quickly remove their blocks and fears to find true, authentic, inner happiness. Dr. Brenda has spent 20 years living, learning and studying with experts in the field of personal development and success. With A Course In Miracles being her most impactful teaching tool.

Dr. Brenda Brummond, Host of Women in Business Soul-Aligned Success Workshop and

Podcast: Modern Spiritual Power Couple https://anchor.fm/brenda-brummond.  

And here’s the link to the Free Forgiveness Challenge…


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