How you can take control of your life-

If you’re ready to BE fit and have fun along the way, we’re going to do just that. 

I’m going to coach you through exercise, diet and mindset, which is the most overlooked factor in living a healthy lifestyle. 

You’ll also walk away knowing…

  • How to handle stress in a healthy way. You will get to experience what stress relieving habits work for you so you can incorporate them into your life.
  • The secret to learning how to eat and exercise for your body.  What fuels your individuality in mind, body and spirit.
  • How to have strong relationships the fuel your spirit.
  • The exact roadmap to help you reach your health and wellness goals once and for all.  
  • How to create more money and abundance in your life!
  • Awareness of what you are doing and why you are doing it will help you be successful in living a healthy lifestyle. We will go through what your habits are that might be holding you back and what steps we can take to make lasting changes.
  • Why your mindset could be holding you back and how gratitude plays a part in living a healthy lifestyle.
  • BONUS – My Lifestyle Secrets.  I will teach you the secrets to my success of losing 40+lbs and keeping it off for over 15 years. When you can tune in to your body and what makes you feel your best every day then living a healthy lifestyle becomes very easy. 

Many of my clients have told me that my coaching programs have helped them break through plateaus they’ve been stuck in for countless years (OR decades). 

Imagine having a health plan that is customized for you and having the confidence that it will work.  

Think of how freeing it will feel to know you have someone to support you if you don’t know the answers.

What’s the investment? 

If you continue to put your health on the backburner, you will never know how great your life could be! You will be missing out on living your healthiest life and especially now you don’t want that!

The question really is, are you willing to continue putting your health on the backburner, missing out on how great your life could be? 

There are two options for enrollment.

The Fit Only Program is a 6-month commitment that focuses on fitness.  Here’s a snapshot of the journey:

  • Workout video library (HIIT, abs/buns, strength, yoga, yoga sculpt, barre, stretching)
  • Access to nutrition coaching videos to help you learn how to eat for your body, on your time
  • Monthly Seasonal Recipes
  • Access to personalized macro calculator 
  • Facebook group for accountability and support
  • Price: $59/month (gives you access for 6 months) or pay in full for only $299

Option to upgrade to live workouts and personalized monthly workouts. Price $109/month (for 6 months of access) or pay in full for only $599

Life Frequency Program is a 6-month commitment that focuses on upleveling your life so you can not only feel your best but live the life of your dreams.  Here’s a snapshot of the journey:

  • Everything in the Fit Only program, including the live workouts + personalized, monthly workouts
  • Coaching calls, 2x per month
  • Monthly, 1-on-1 private calls with Lisa
  • Each month we will focus on a new topic to help you reach your life goals
    • Relationships
    • Health/Nutrition
    • Mindset/Goals
    • Stress and sleep
    • Money Mindset/How to create more money
    • Body Confidence 
  • Monthly book recommendations to support you in your personal growth and mindset journey
  • 3 guest speakers that are experts in their area
  • Access to a free app for your workouts which comes with videos of each exercise to ensure proper form and technique.

Investment-$99.00/month or pay in full for $510.00 Why so inexpensive?? Because this is the beta group. Get in now before my 2nd group starts. The price will go up to $599/month. You are saving $3,000.00 by joining NOW!

Want to learn more? Reach out to me at, in my Fb group High Vibe Money Tribe, or on my website