3 Fun Finds 6/1/2022

I have some tried and true fun finds for you this week.

Our fitness find for the week is my trusty foam roller. If you don’t have one, you NEED one! A foam roller is a great way to reduce soreness and help muscles recover. It is like giving yourself a massage. They come in different lengths and hardness. I recommend a medium one and I prefer a shorter length.

You can view them here

Our health find for the week is my trusty food scale. I know it’s kind of a boring find but it is something everyone should have in their house. Do you know what 4oz of meat looks like? Probably not, which is why a food scale comes in handy. I have used this one for years. I can’t find it on Amazon anymore but I found a similar one here

Our fun find for this week was from your comments. I wore this outfit to graduation and received a lot of DM’s asking where I got the dress. It’s from Evereve. It is a top and skirt. It’s super comfy and the top looks really cute with white jeans too. They have the cutest clothes and the stylists are so helpful.

If you are local join me Sunday, June 5th at 10am at Evereve-Woodbury Lakes for a free workout, eats/drinks and a shopping discount.

Alright friends that is it for this week. I hope these finds help you stay fit, stay healthy and have fun along the way!

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