3 Fun Finds 6/15/2022

Each Wednesday I share my 3 fun finds for the week on IG (follow along @lisaholtan)

In these blog posts I bring you my favorite things I am using to help me stay and get healthy and have fun.

My fitness find for this week is FASTer Way to Fat Loss I have been using this program for 1 year now (my review is coming soon!) and I have been an accredited coach for 9 months. This is the best program I have ever seen. The science backed stratiges paired with proper nutrition+fitness for YOU is what makes it so incredible. The fact that the nutrition is personalized and combined with a fitness cycle means you will see results that are sustainable.

Read more about it here

Our health find this week is tea. I drink tea most nights of the week. It helps curb after supper snacking and there is something soothing about a warm cup of tea and a good book to help you end the day on a peaceful note. My favorites are Republic of Tea and Yogi

My fun find for this week is an indoor microgreen garden. This year with the graduation party and moving I did not plant a garden so I decided to do a small indoor one. This kit has everything you need to grow and harvest your microgreens in just 7 days. It’s perfect for kids too! I find this at Target