3 Fun Finds 8/18/22

Let’s jump in and do this! I have a sale for you on these 3 fun finds and I hope you take advantage of it.

Our first fun find is our fitness find and today it is my favorite athletic shoe:

New Balance. I have wore New Balance athletic shoes for years. I love how they fit perfectly, are light weight and feel good on my feet especially since I teach multiple classes and do my own workouts.

Click on the image to view more colors. I personally love the hot pink ones!

My health find for this week is protein powder.

I know I have done protein powder before BUT a lot of you reach out to me asking what protein powder I recommend. These are the ONLY 2 I recommend, why because they are non-gmo, clean, organic and taste great. If you prefer an animal option (hydrolyzed beef-better then whey and dairy free) check out this option. If you prefer plant based check out this option (on sale this month and comes with personalized vitamins, just like the ones I take) View it here

Our fun find for the week is: Slow cooker cookbook

With school starting soon here is a cookbook to help you utilize your slow cooker for easy to make meals.

I hope these fun finds help you live a healthier and happier life! If you want help balancing your hormones, losing weight and feeling great reach out to me or learn more about my 6 week program here