3 Fun Finds 9/22/22

Welcome back to this weeks 3 fun finds. As you know I share with you items that are helping me stay fit, stay healthy and have some fun. Here we go!

My fitness find is the FASTer Way workouts

There are workouts for at home or gym use. I love that the workouts are strategically paired to the nutrition cycle so you get the most benefit out of them. These workouts are a game changing. I am stronger now than I was when I exercised multiple times per day. Check them out here

My health find is some new skin care I have been using for a couple of months.

My skin is very sensitive and reacts to a lot of other products on the shelves. But not this! These products hydrate my skin and I love knowing that what I am putting on my body is not full of chemicals. Start shopping and use code: cleanforall for a 30% discount!

My fun find for the week is Fine and Raw

This is delicious on fruit, toast, on a spoon 🙂 It’s similar to other chocolate hazelnut spreads but has much less sugar and no refined sugars. I highly recommend grabbing a couple of bottles. Check it out here

That is it for this week’s 3 fun finds. I hope you enjoy!