3 Fun Finds June Edition

It’s back! My 3 fun finds June edition. This post is my favorite things I found in June that help me stay fit, stay fun and stay fabulous. I can’t wait to dive into this items with you.

First up is a new protein powder I have been trying for you guys. As you know I have a protein smoothie every day so I have tried ALL the protein powders and most of them are digusting……but this one is delicious!! It’s grass fed beef-not whey or dairy-it’s like a ground up steak. It’s gluten free and soy free. Comes in a variety of flavors and blends well.

My favorite flavor is the iced coffee but check out all their other flavors and get 15% off when you use this link: equipfoods.com/lisaholtan and discount code LISAHOLTAN

Grab the recipe for this blended mocha Frappuccino here

Next up is a book I read every year if not twice a year. If you want to work on establishing healthy habits and changing your mindset this is a must read!

Grab the book here and let’s change those habits.

I bought these taco holders a couple of months ago but we just started using them and they are so fun!! It feels like you are at a restaurant when you use them and they hold your taco shells perfectly still for filling them up. I love making my own corn tortillas and grilling them……if you haven’t tried that you must! It is next level tacos. Make your own tortillas is super easy. I use the Masa Harina flour from King Arthur-mix-press and grill. Grab them here for your next taco night

I hope these fun finds help you get healthy and have fun while doing it!! Health is a lifestyle and we must embrace it.

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