3 Fun Finds May 4

Let’s dive in to what I found for our 3 fun finds for this week. As you may know, I choose 3 things that are helping me stay fit, stay healthy and have fun and I share them with you weekly.

1. My fitness find this week is the yoga tune up balls. I use the small ones to roll out of the bottom of my feet. It’s like getting a foot massage-heaven! The small ones are great for the bottom of your feet and your neck. If you stand or walk a lot for your job this are a must have! I found mine at www.yourfitpt.com

2. My health find this week is Sustained Energy Boost. This drink is the perfect way to give you the boost of energy you need with out the crash or calories. I use it as a pre-workout if I need an extra umph in the morning. I can also use it in the afternoon if I’m dragging (on those cloudy days) but it still allows be to sleep at night. My favorite flavor is pink grapefruit. It’s GF, DF, SF, Vegan and Non-GMO. With only 2g of sugar your high school student should switch to this instead of all those sugar filled energy drinks! Check out Sustained Energy Boost here

3. My fun find for the week is a bit odd 😁 it’s the Gillette Venus shaver. I tried this shaver after my friend recommended it. It’s heavy duty, shaves smooth with no cuts. With summer coming up I thought you might need a new shaver. I found it at Target. Click here to see it

That is it for this week’s fun finds. Stay tuned for next weeks. Each Wednesday I go live on IG to share. Make sure to follow along to be the first to know.

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