74. Pelvic Floor Health with Dr. Kaitlin

I am so excited for this episode. My guest, Dr. Kaitlin Haider, talks about pelvic floor health and more with us today. Dr. Kaitlin is a physical therapist, fitness enthusiast, and owner of Fit PT, a boutique women’s health physical therapy practice in downtown Hudson, Wisconsin.

Dr. Kaitlin Haider has been passionate about health and fitness her whole life. Growing up an active, young girl, she was always seeking help from physical therapists to keep her body healthy, active and strong. Now, Dr. Kaitlin enjoys sharing her own skillset with women who are passionate about doing the same. Dr. Kaitlin co-founded Fit PT with her mother, also a physical therapist, in hopes to provide women with a better quality health care for their bodies. A health care that would put the power and decision making back into the patient’s hands, rather than large hospital systems and insurance. Dr. Kaitlin has a special passion for working with active women, helping them feel strong from the inside out! She combines her sports medicine, fitness training, and pelvic health knowledge together to provide her patient’s with a well rounded and customized approach. Her favorite thing is teaching women how to reconnect to their core and pelvic floor muscles through Pilates based movements.

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