3 Time Saving Tips that Will Help You Reach Your Goals

I have a lot of people that tell me they can’t meal prep or exercise because they don’t have the time. We all have the same 24 hours in a day-it’s how you use them. What you use your hours on is your priorities. If you want to make health your priority then you need to spend some of your time on it. Here are 3 time saving tips that will help you reach your health goals using minimal time.

Nutrition Time Saving Tips:

  1. Buy pre-cut, pre-chopped fruit and veggies at the store. This is save you time from having to cut things up and you will eat them because they are ready for you.
  2. Buy pre-bagged salad kits. These kits have the dressing and toppings already in there. All you have to do is open it up and dump it into a bowl.
  3. Buy deli meat and rotisserie chicken. Protein can be the longest thing to cook so buying pre-cooked proteins will help you keep things quick and easy at meal times.

Fitness Tips:

  1. Lift weights for 10 minutes. Everyone thinks you need to workout for hours to get results-LIE. You can get in a great workout in a very short amount of time. Set your timer and for 1 minute do each of these 5 exercises-plank, squat, hip bridge, push ups and row. Repeat 1 time.
  2. Intervals- for 1 minute go fast, for 1 minute go slow. Repeat for 15 minutes. Do any type of cardio exercise you like (dance, roller blade, walk, run, swim..etc)
  3. Increase your NEAT activities. NEAT activities are non-exercise activities. Like-walking from the parking lot to the store, playing tag with your kids..etc. Increase your daily NEAT activities and you will burn more calories.

I hope these tips show you that you can reach your health goals with minimal time, you just have to make it a priority.

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