3 Tip On How to Learn From Your Failures-

I. Am. A. Failure. Have you ever felt like that? When I transferred ownership of my brick and mortar business in June 2020 I felt like I had failed myself, my family, my friends and the gym members. But instead of feeling like a failure, I choose to look at it in a different way. When I decided to open my brick and mortar I wanted a place like the TV show Cheers, where everybody knew your name, and that is what I freaking created! I created an amazing place where people felt comfortable coming to, to learn how to get healthy and fit. They knew someone was going to be there to help them, to get them through a bad day or encourage them to finish strong. Instead of looking at your perceived failures, how can you turn it around and find success. Nothing is a failure if you learn something from it and grow. I helped over 250 people learn how to be healthy and that is not a failure!

How can you learn from your failures? Here are some of my tips to help you move from feeling like a failure to growing and learning from it:

  1. Find what did work. Something worked, so figure out what that was and focus on that. Just like I focused on how I created a community that people felt comfortable coming to or how I helped over 250 people get healthy. That will help you get out of the failure mindset.
  2. Learn from the mistakes. Look at what didn’t work and learn something from it so you can move forward and be a smarter business owner. In this example: I should not have taken over such a big space. I should have stayed in the 1200 sq foot space. What did I learn-don’t bit off more then you can chew 🙂 AND make sure you have enough paying members before taking on more expenses.
  3. Look inside of you and see where did your intuition say……”don’t do this” or was there a time when you felt like this doesn’t seem right? Learn to listen to your intuition-it will not lead you astray. In this example: when I read the lease I just felt something was off but I listened to lawyers, bankers and others that I thought were smarter then me…..I should have listened to my intuition.

These are all things I had to learn and I am sharing them with you so you don’t have to go through what I did on your path to success. If you are feeling stuck with business ideas or money mindset reach out to me at ptwithlisa@gmail.com, in my FB group: High Vibe Money Tribe or on my website, www.lisaholtan.com