44. How to keep more of your money with John Briggs

Join John Briggs and myself in this eye opening episode about how to restructure your money so it works for you instead of against you.

John Briggs is the founder of Incite Tax & Accounting and the author of Profit First For Microgyms. His accounting firm has more gym clients than any other firm in the country, as well as thousands of other client-driven businesses, and he is also an owner of a gym, GSL Fitness. Through all of this, he has learned that achieving a highly profitable business can be overwhelming, particularly with all the barriers and unknowns that new owners are forced to deal with.

Entrepreneurs can quickly become stressed and burnt out, and often sadly give up on the mission that they set out for. In much the same way that the body needs blood to survive, a business needs cash, the lifeblood of the business, to stay healthy and to grow more resilient.

To this end, John is a man on a mission to give entrepreneurs an actual work-life balance so they don’t get burned out. He helps them increase their cash immediately so they can have confidence in their choices and become financially resilient. And he talks the walk by battling against the traditional CPA culture of “overwork, underpaid, pay your dues and suffer while you’re at it” mentality by providing his team a healthy work life balance even during busy tax seasons.

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