47. Half-hearted living to whole hearted living.

Join us as my amazing guest, Lisa Winneke, and I chat about why women settle for half hearted living. Plus, learn how you can move into whole hearted living.

As a Mentor, Author, Connector, Speaker & Visionary with qualifications in business and numerous energy modalities, Lisa is passionate and committed to supporting people to cross the bridge – from settling or what she calls ‘half-hearted’ living to embodying the wholehearted.

After overcoming decades of living with depression and an eating disorder which led to a life defining experience in 2018, Lisa courageously chose to leave her 20-year marriage with the commitment to leave a legacy for her boys and the world, of leading and loving with her whole heart. 

Employing her Whole Hearted Method™ Lisa now guides people through her 90 Day Whole Hearted Intensive™  to cultivate deep connection with themselves and the courage and confidence to bring their dreams and deepest desires to life – for their relationships, their life and purpose.

She empowers and inspires her community and audience as a living example of what it looks like to be authentic, vulnerable and deeply connected to her heart.

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