5 tips for a Halloween that’s healthy AND fun

Let’s talk about the seasonal Halloween treats that’ve been haunting us since basically August. While many of us try to avoid it, there’s a certain beauty in tiny portioned out treats (I mean it’s hard in good conscience to go king size)…because you can easily fit a few of your favorites into your diet. Most serving sizes are even multiple pieces! So don’t get frightened by that candy that is calling your name.

5 tips for a Halloween that’s healthy AND fun:


1. Make a plan. One of the best ways to work on small health changes and focus on consistent growth is to start each day with a plan – like, literally write out your plan for the day. The key is to be absolutely realistic with yourself. Hate candy? Great, don’t plan on eating any. Love candy and want to make memories enjoying post-trick-or-treating treats with your kids? Plan on having a few small pieces of candy. No biggie!

2. Get outside  and walk house-to-house trick-or-treating with your kids (please let there be less mini vans driving kids the ten feet between houses this year).

3. Eat a balanced dinner before trick-or-treating. I know getting everyone out the door to trick-or-treat can make the night busy, but have a balanced dinner. Nothing crazy, just aim for some protein, healthy fats, and fiber-rich carbs (whole grains, veggies, etc.). Even simple foods like chili, or tacos, will work! This will help keep everyone’s energy up during trick-or-treating and can help keep blood sugars slightly more stable during the impending candy fest.

4. Wait to enjoy candy until you’re home from trick-or-treating. This can help keep everyone safe for a multitude of reasons (opened/ damaged candy packages, choking hazards, minimize distractions to keep heightened personal safety when outside in the dark, etc.). Plus if you have food allergies, it’s imperative to sort candies/ treats at home before digging in to make sure everything is safe to consume.

5. Eat the candy! Yup, seriously – just eat some candy (unless you hate candy, then don’t). One caveat: actually enjoy it. Don’t mindlessly inhale piece after piece, but choose your favorites and enjoy them with your family, and track it!


Kit Kat (3 two piece bars/ 42g) F11 C27 P3

Reese’s PB Cup (2 PC’s/ 34g) = F10 C19 P4

Snickers (2 bars/ 34g) = F8 C21 P3


Sour Patch Kids (2 bags/ 30g) = F0 C27 P0

Skittles (3 packs/ 46g) = F2 C42 P0

Haribo Gold-bears (4 bags/ 40g) = F0 C32 P3

You can find me handing out candy and having a few pieces of York peppermint patty’s and Reese’s PB cups.

Happy Halloween!

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