All My Favorite Things-Winter Edition

It has been a while since I have shared with you all my favorite things so here we go………..

This list is completely random and covers everything from food to make-up. It is all the things I am loving right now.

  1. Sweet Potato Toast-AMAZING and a total game changer!!! I love these for a snack or a meal. Top with your favorite protein and it’s magic. My personal favorite toppings are hard boiled eggs with avocado. For those of you that are local-Ptacek’s carries this item in the healthy frozen section.

2. Next up is this blender-it is a travel blender that does not need to be plugged in!! You charge it using a USB cable and it can run for 15 hours before re-charging. I brought this with me on a 10 day trip and used it every day and I did not have to re-charge. Another bonus, it is very quite. Downside-you can’t fit a lot of fruit in it, so I usually ate my fruit on the side after drinking my smoothie. I would highly recommend this product! Find it here:

3. Mascara-if you are looking for a mascara that doesn’t clump, makes your lashes look fabulous AND it doesn’t use all those yucky ingredients….this is for you!
You can find this amazing mascara here

4. A foam roller- this one is always on my list. If you don’t have a foam roller by now….what are you waiting for! I use this every day and so should you. A foam roller can help you stretch out those tight muscles. Get yours here
5. Yoga Sculpt-I am loving this class right now. It is a great mix of yoga, core, weights and cardio. I love that the hour goes by so fast and that the instructors are consistently switching up the exercises so you don’t get bored. Join me at Body Works on Mondays at 6pm or Saturdays at 9:45am to get your sweat on!!

That is my round up of all my favorite things-winter edition. I hope you find some new favorite items too! Comment below with what your fav items are.

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