4. Can you stop?

Priorities-what are they? According to the dictionary priorities are defined as “the fact or condition of being regarded or treated as more important.” Interesting……can everything in your life be a priority? I don’t think so and according to the definition of the word, no-not everything in your life can be a priority. You need to make some things more important than others.

There may be times in your life that your priorities change but you always have them.

Coaching people through nutrition, fitness and now money it is truly amazing to people what people SAY their priorities are BUT what they actually spend their money on. If you are not sure what your priorities are or you think you know what they are, then go look at your credit cards and see where you are spending your money. Are you actually spending your money on your priorities?

My guess is most of you are not. My guess is most of you are spending money on stuff you don’t need to impress people that are not your friends 🙂 Am I right?! The amount of crap that has been bought on Amazon and other online stores in the last year is staggering. WHY do you need another pair of boots…..you probably have 4 in your closets and you are not going anywhere, so do you need another pair?! NO! STOP the unnecessary spending.

You are spending out of emotion NOT because you actually need it. STOP and think about this. Look back at your credit card bill and circle all the things you actually NEED to SURVIVE (like food). Now circle your priorities (for me vitamins because being healthy is a priority). Now look at your bill how many things are not circled? Probably a lot. WHY did you buy those items? Where you afraid, sad, happy???? What emotion are you hiding from or what are you celebrating by buying yourself something?

Next time you go to put something in your online cart, STOP and ask yourself these questions:

  1. Does this align with my priorities?
  2. Do I need this?
  3. Why am I buying this?

These questions can help you get to the root of mindless spending and help you figure out where you should spend your money (on your priorities)

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