Easy ways to fit in exercise

3 Easy Ways to Fit Exercise into Your Schedule


Everyone is busy and with school starting soon it can be hard to find the time to fit in exercise.  But, these 3 tips will show you how you can fit exercise into your busy schedule without sacrificing a lot of your time.

  1. Wake up 10 minutes earlier.    A lot of studies have been done on people that exercise in the morning.  They get more stuff done throughout the course of the day, they eat less calories over all, they report feeling happier…etc so if that is not enough to get you up 10 minute early how about knowing you only have to exercise for 10 minutes and you can cross that off your to-do list!   Here is your Wake Up routine: Do the 4 exercises listed below for 30 seconds each, repeat 5 times and DONE!
    *hip bridge
    *push ups
  2. Involve your family.  Get the kids and your spouse involved in the fitness activity.  You could go for walks after supper, play a game of tennis, go swimming.  When you can get the whole family involved it is a win/win for everyone.
  3. Schedule exercise in during your lunch break.  During your lunch break go for a walk, run the stairs, join a gym nearby and lift weights.  Doing your workout over your lunch hour frees up your nights for other things and it will keep you awake throughout the afternoon-just think how much more you will accomplish!

    These tips are designed to get you thinking about how you can fit exercise into your life.  Get moving and you will start to feel healthier, happier and leaner!
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