Gifts For Your Fitness Friends

Gifts For Your Fitness Friends

Do you have a fitness fan on your holiday list this year?  Then you are in luck!  Here are the top 5 fitness gifts (in my opinion) that your fitness fan will love.  There is something for every budget so check them out and let me know which one you choose for your fitness fan this year.

  1. Fitbit- these activity trackers help you become a bit more active throughout your day.  The new Fitbits are amazing!  I’m loving the Charge HR 2.  It tracks steps, sleep, activity and gives text, call and calendar notifications.  There is a Fitbit for every fitness fan on your list.


Fitbit Product Family - Activity Trackers + Wifi Smart Scale

2.  Workout shoes-you can never have enough workout shoes especially when they are colorful!


3.  A foam roller-foam rollers help reduce muscle soreness and work out all the knots.  Your fitness fan will thank you for this gift!  It’s like getting a mini massage every time you use it.


4.  Wireless headphones-these wireless headphones also come with a mic.  These headphones wrap around the back of your head so they stay put during their sprints.



5.  A Training Gift Card-get your favorite fitness fan a gift card for personal training.  They can focus on a new goal or on strengthen any weak areas.  This is the ultimate gift!  Check out for online training.


I hope this list helps you find something for your favorite fitness fan.  Happy Holidays!

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