8. How networking can grow your business.

Today’s eposide we welcome our guest, Jen Jones.

Jen Jones is the Founder and Master Connector of Connect & Elevate.

Jen is an ambivert these days. She love my alone time that allows her to recharge, but connecting with others has become a lot more natural and most time fun. Because she networks with intentions, Jen has connected with her soul tribe and grew her business in ways she could have only imagined.

After building her real estate business for over 16 years, Jen learned firsthand how meaningful relationships are to nurturing our souls and our business. Because of this, she found her passion in teaching other introvert entrepreneurs how to network and make connections that align with their values.

As introverts, networking can be overwhelming, but with an action plan, you can build meaningful connections online and offline.

Jen is not just going to teach you how to network; she’s going to show you how to do it with purpose and intentions.

Instead of being scary, networking will be more natural, aligned with your goals, and help you grow your business.

90 Day program link: https://site.connectandelevate.com/ConnectionConfidence1