Supplement Myths

Supplement Myths VS Fact

There is so much information about supplements out there that how are you to know what it true and what is not true? Who to believe and who is just trying to sell you crap??? I am here to help de-bunk some myths about supplements so you feel more confident making a purchase.

70% of American’s buy supplements on a regular basis.  Are you one of them? Are you buying supplements just because a movie star told you to or because the big dude in GNC said they would work or did you research what you are buying?  Most people buy what their friends tell them to buy OR they impulse buy (because the movie star or the big dude told you to and secretly you hope it will get you to look like them) Well-it won’t.  Sorry to bust your bubble.

Supplement myth #1

I don’t need a multi vitamin because I eat healthy.

FACT: Great job eating healthy but I don’t think you eat enough to get all the nutrients your body needs to be optimally healthy.  In order to get the daily dose of Vitamin C your body needs you would need to eat 16 oranges every day.  Do you eat 16 oranges every day?

Supplement myth #2

Soy protein is bad for my health

FACT: Soy protein has been proven to NOT be bad for your health.  The out dated information has been discredited by the last 15 years of research.  Soy has been shown to reduce your risk of some cancers and can help some women reduce hot flashes during menopause.  Furthermore, Asian cultures eat soy (a lot more soy then Americans do) and have a lot lower risk of all diseases then American’s do.  If you want more research on soy, let me know.

Supplement myth #3

All supplements are safe.

FACT: Typically supplements are not regulated so you want to do your research to make sure you are only taking a high quality supplement.  I prefer an organic, non-gmo, no artificial colors/dyes supplements.  I also want a supplement company that will stand by their product with a money back guarantee.

With all the information out there you want to do your homework when it comes to supplements.  AND please stop taking something because the Hollywood star told you to.  They don’t care about your health…….if you want to talk to someone about supplements, let me know.  I do care about your health.  I truly think if you want to be optimally healthy you do need some supplements in your life-so let’s make sure they are quality supplements.

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