Tone your hips

Tone your hips, outer thighs and middle with this 1 exercise!

Every woman I know tells me they want to tone their hips and get rid of their middle, well this exercise will do that.   This exercise will also strengthen your outer thigh.  Having a strong outer thigh may help reduce knee pain and/or knee injury.


Do this exercise 3-4 days a week.  Do 12 reps per leg.  Start with 1 set and work your way up to 3 sets.


Click below for a video of the exercise.


Side plank with Leg Lift


Here is how you do the exercise:

Lay on your left side on the floor-both legs straight (so your body forms a straight line).  Bend your left knee.  Keep your right leg straight and foot on the floor.  Lift your hips off the floor and hold it.  Then lift your right leg up and down (that’s 1 rep).  Aim for 12 reps.


Do this exercise and before you know it your hips and outer thighs will be slimmer!


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