Why it’s so hard to put YOU first

I have a Summer Countdown Challenge that is starting soon, May 20-June 19, and I have gotten a lot of responses like this, not interested, summer is busy and I don’t have time. This is just an excuse to not get healthy. May 20-June 19 isn’t even summer yet….come on ladies! So, why is it so hard to put YOU first?

A majority of us put everyone else first even laundry comes before doing something for ourselves. You have no problem spending $159 (the cost of the challenge) on your kids new shoes but you won’t spend $159 to get healthy so you have more energy to do the things you want to do? So, how does this harm us and our families?

As a mom you are in charge of a lot of things-the kids, their schedules, chauffeur, cook, cleaning the house, laundry, grocery shopping…etc. I get it there are things that need to be done. I know, I am a mom too and a business owner and I have all those things to do to. BUT how do you feel? Tired, bloated, joints hurt, no energy……that’s how most of you feel because you allow all of those things to take over and YOU don’t care of yourself. What if you choose to take care of yourself? What would happen? You would have more energy, you would feel great, your joints would not hurt, and when you have more energy you are able to get more things done with ease. Now, doesn’t that sound good?

How much time do you think it would take to get healthy? 1 hour per day-more-less? What if I told you all you have to do is start with 1 protein smoothie per day and personalized vitamins. Just that will give you more energy, reduce your bloat and you will start feeling better. That takes about 5 minutes. Can you spare 5 minutes per day for yourself so you can gain energy, reduce bloat and start to feel healthier? OR are you not that important? Because if YOU don’t do something to help yourself NO ONE else will! Are you not worthy of spending $159 on? I know for a fact many of you spend $159 per month on things that don’t help you. Again, I will ask you-why is it so hard to put yourself first?

Here are a few ways you can start to put yourself first:

  1. Do 1 thing per day that you enjoy. You can spend 10 minutes on it or 1 hour on it.
  2. Say NO to something you don’t enjoy doing. Yes, it is ok to say NO.

    If you just do the 2 things mentioned above your life would feel less busy and you might actually start to feel better.

If you are ready to reduce bloat, increase energy and start to feel your BEST the Summer Countdown might be for you. Let’s get confident and feel healthy this summer!! If you want more info send me a message to ptwithlisa@gmail.com

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