14. How to manifest your best life

Today we are chatting with Mikayla Jai on manifesting. We chat about how Mikayla learned how to manifest and how it has transformed her life.

Mikayla Jai is the 23-year-old manifestation mastermind behind personal brand, Mikayla Jai. She is single-handedly changing the way millennials look at spirituality, inspiring other women to manifest their rich and ridiculous lifestyles through mindset and connecting to their personal magic. Mikayla has scaled her business to multiple 6-figures in under two years, while traveling the world, running a successful podcast and being a full-time college student.

You can find Mikayla here:

Podcast: Mindset Magic & Manifestation

instagram: instagram.com/themikaylajai

Clothing line website: https://shopstardustdesigns.com/

freebie ebook: https://mikaylajai.mykajabi.com/pl/143889