3 Fun Finds 6/22/2022

Each week I go live on IG @lisaholtan and bring you my 3 Fun Finds for the week. It is a fitness find, a health find and a fun find. These items are helping me stay health, get fit and have fun along the way. Here are this weeks fun finds:

The fitness find for this week are: running shorts. When we wear athletic clothing that fits and makes us feel good we want to wear it and work out in it. I bought these the other day at Target. They come in a variety of colors and they offer a higher waist band option it you prefer that. You can get them here

My health find for the week is strawberries! Not just any strawberries, fresh picked by you strawberries. If you have never picked your own fruit I urge you to do it. They taste so much better fresh then picked weeks ago and on a truck being shipped to your grocery store. Sorry-no picture 🙂

My fun find for this week is sunscreen-I know, you are probably thinking….that is not a fun find….but hear me out-sun screen helps us to have fun. It protects our skin from sun damage while we are boating, gardening or swimming. I use this one because it is free of over 2500 toxic chemicals