3 Fun Finds April 27

We are starting something new here! Each week on Wednesday I will post 3 items that are helping me stay healthy, stay fit and bringing the fun in my life.

#2 Booty Band
#3 Tequila Mockingbird

Here are this week’s fun finds:

  1. LMNT-this electrolyte salt drink is amazing. I love the flavors. It does not break your fast (for those of us that intermittent fast) and it helps your body absorb minerals and vitamins. I use LMNT about once a week. You can find it here
  2. Booty band-you NEED this piece of equipment! Whether you workout at home or at a gym this band will help you tone your lower body. Plus, you can travel with it and get your burn on while on vacay. Get your booty band here
  3. Tequila Mockingbird is our fun find of the week. My cousin recommended it to me and we are actually drinking our way through it 🙂 It pairs cocktails to books. This is a great gift for the book worm in your life. Get it here

    I hope these fun finds help you in your journey for health, fitness and fun!!
    I would love to hear your recommendations or what you want me to check out next. Stay tuned for next week’s fun finds.