3 Reasons Why Your Diet Isn’t Working

Today I want to chat about why your diet isn’t working…………..not that your diet specifically isn’t working, just that if you are only dieting and not exercising you will not be able to get to your goal weight.

Why you ask?  Here’s 3 reasons why you have to incorporate exercise into your diet in order to meet your goals.


1.  We all know that in order to lose weight your body needs to burn more calories then you consume.  When you first start to diet you will probably see some weight loss without having to exercise.  That is because your body is so use to consuming so many calories that when you take some away it is already running on a defict.  This will only last for a little while though, usually 2-4 weeks.  By then your body is use to what you are doing and adjusts.  Then you hit a plateau………………………

2.  You just hit your first plateau, now what….well you can lower your calories more (which will probably backfire on you because if you eat too few calories your body won’t lose weight either) or you can incorporate exercise into your plan.  If you are a beginner, walking on the treadmill or riding the bike is a good place to start.  If you belong to a gym book a consult with a personal trainer and ask them to show you how to use the equipment.  Not only will you get out of your plateau quickly you are also strengthening your lungs and heart.

3.  Now, if you really want to change the way your body looks add strength training into your routine.  You will blast calories and sculpt lean muscle.  You may find you are able to eat more calories due to having more muscle and still lose weight.  I would highly recommend hiring a personal trainer, even just for a few sessions.  They can make show you what to do so you can get to your goal weight and lift weight properly.


Once you have hit your goal weight it is even more important to include exercise into your routine because it will help you maintain your weight.  I have seen MANY people think that once they hit their goal weight, they can stop exercising and it doesn’t work that way!  Those people are always back in the gym 6 months later with the weight they have put back on.

Make this year different…………keep the weight off by doing cardiovascular and strength training exercise AND watching your diet.


If you need help figuring out your plan or getting off your plateau.  Contact me to set up your FREE fitness blueprint at www.personaltrainingwithlisa.com or message me at www.facebook.com/personaltrainingwithlisa.com



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