33. How to cut through the clutter to make money!

Today we are chatting with Jessica Sato from 2 Smart Girls. Jess teaches us how to cut through the clutter in our mind to make money in our business.

Jessica Sato is the co-founder of 2 Smart Girls, a business strategy and coaching firm that teaches ambitious Gen-X female entrepreneurs how to cut through the clutter and make money in their business.
After a 10-year stint as a leadership development expert, owning two other successful businesses, and a life-changing assignment in Ethiopia, Jessica took those powerful learning experiences and co-founded 2 Smart Girls in 2018. Jessica helps women-owned businesses build engaged audiences, create compelling offers, and use online marketing strategies to sell with confidence, so they can have more freedom, flexibility, and fulfillment on their terms.

Jess makes her home in Colorado Springs, CO, is married to her college sweetheart, has 2 teenagers, and a menagerie of pets. She’s a rabid book reader, avid rock climber, and plant-based lifestyle enthusiast. 
Contact details:

Website: www.2smartgirls.com

FB: TwoSmartGirls

Instagram: TwoSmartGirls

LinkedIn: jess-sato

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