Attract your perfect clients

In this epoisde we welcome Dr. Nancy Zare as we chat about how to attract the perfect clients to your business and sell with confidence. This podcast is for all of you that have a side hustle or a business and want to learn how to attract clients with ease.

A psychologist and entrepreneur, Dr. Nancy Zare helps coaches and consultants get fully booked by teaching them how to attract their perfect clients, sell with confidence and get hired. She earned her masters and doctorate from Boston College and is a former professor of social work.

Nancy is the author of several books including Compelling Selling, and an international best seller, Words That Sell with Style. She created the AlikeAbility™ System so you can be a magnet for your dream clients, sell with confidence and get hired. The same approach works wonders for enhancing your relationships with spouse, children, and other family members.

Accredited in sales training and adult learning, Nancy turns education into edutainment. Her secret desire is to go racing on the Autobahn. Be ready to laugh, think, share, and be wowed as she drives home the idea of how buyers buy. Welcome Nancy!

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