Avoid Holiday Weight Gain Part 1

Did you know that on average people consume 4,200 calories just at the Thanksgiving dinner! Now that really isn’t enough to derail your hard work you have done this year, but if you decide to continue eating without abandon then you will wreak everything you worked so hard for.

Here are 5 tips to help you avoid holiday weight gain-Thanksgiving style.  (watch for part 2-Christmas style coming soon)

1.  Eat a balanced breakfast.  Think eggs and whole wheat toast or greek yogurt and fruit.  Don’t let yourself starve…..you will overeat later on to make up for how hungry you are feeling.

2. Before taking seconds, wait 20 minutes.  If you are still hungry go ahead, if you are not hungry wait for the leftovers….tomorrow

3. Take a family walk after the Thanksgiving meal.

4.  Start Friday with a workout and a balanced breakfast

5.  Go ahead and have some leftovers, just watch your portion sizes and enjoy because Thanksgiving only comes around once!


Watch for 5 more tips to help you avoid holiday weight gain-Christmas style.

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