Avoid Holiday Weight Gain Part 2

Last week I gave you 5 easy tips to help avoid holiday weight gain over the Thanksgiving weekend.  Below are 5 tips to keep you looking trim over the Christmas season.  At this time of year there are lots of holiday parties, getting together with friends and family, Christmas baking…etc.  These tips will help you enjoy the holidays but you will still be able to fit into your little black dress for New Year’s Eve!

1.  Never show up hungry.  Eat a 150 calorie snack before you go to the party.  Example-string cheese and almonds or an apple with peanut butter.  That way you won’t overeat because you are hungry.

2.  Drink 1 glass of water when you arrive at the party.  The water will help you feel fuller and curb cravings.  Plus, if you have a drink in your hand it is harder to graze from the buffet!

3. Fill up on protein and fiber.  You will be less likely to overeat.  Shrimp cocktail, grilled chicken skewers and beef are good options.

4.  You can never go wrong with veggies.  Dip them in salsa for a different taste.

5.  Treat yourself to dessert.  That’s what it’s all about moderation and not feeling deprived.


Click below for a Holiday Calorie Busting Workout!


Holiday Calorie Busting Workout


Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

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