Fit Freedom with guest Tena

Can essential oils help you live a healthier life? In today’s episode Tena and I talk about how essential oils can help you and which oils can help with what. Tena is an expert in essential oils and I can’t wait for you to hear her story!

Tena is spontaneous, strategic, adventurous and if you aren’t careful, she may just push you out of your comfort zone. In 2009 Tena left her big girl job and launched in to entrepreneurship. She built a digital design agency from scratch but after 10 years in the field, she kicked the office to the side and found herself as a wok at home mama. She did the 1 thing she thought she would never do-she jumped in to a company that wasn’t her own. This company happens to be doTerra and she proudly wears her network marketing badge of honor. She rose in the ranks, brought her hubby home from corporate and now focuses on helping other women do the same.

You can find Tena hanging out on instragram @tenapettis, her podcast “tena talks a lot” or a local coffee shop.