Fun Finds 7/27/22

Each week I go live on IG @lisaholtan and bring you my 3 Fun Finds for the week. It is a fitness find, a health find and a fun find. These items are helping me stay health, get fit and have fun along the way. Here are this weeks fun finds:

The fitness find for this week are the FASTer Way Workouts. These workouts are either home based or gym based workouts. They are around 30 minutes and are the most effective workouts I have ever seen and I have seen and tried them all 🙂

I love that the FASTer Way strategically pairs their workouts with their nutrition program for maximum fat loss results. Learn more about the program here. My next 6 week challenge starts August 1st.

Our health find is PB Fit. This is powdered peanut butter I found at Costco. I use it to top smoothies, acai bowls and overnight oats. It’s great for when you want that peanut butter taste without all the fat grams.

Our fun find this week is Sally Hanson Miracle Gel nail polish. I like this nail polish because it stays on for 10-14 days. It acts like gel polish but there is no light you have to use. Just use it like regular nail polish and take it off like regular nail polish. I love the this color, Tipsy Gypsy, for the summer. I found it at Target.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Fun Finds!