Healthy all the time?

Healthy All the Time


“Lose 30lbs in 10 days”  “Wear a wrap and dissolve your fat”  “Drink this shake and lose weight overnight”……..etc.  Just one quick look on social media and this is what you will see.  It’s no wonder  people are confused about how to lose weight, how to be healthy, and how to keep it off.  It makes be feel ashamed of the health and fitness industry that a lot of businesses prey on people that want to lose weight by using these false claims.  All of that is what I fight so hard against.  My message does not get seen my as many eyes as those false claims, I don’t make millions like some of those businesses that make those claims.  My ads are not as “sexy” I am told as their claims!  And you know what, that is true.  “Lose 30lbs in 10 days” is way more appealing then “Learn how to eat healthy and lose weight slowly”  🙂  but you know what – my way works, my way is the life-long way, my way teaches you how to be healthy forever not just for 10 days.  I want to see you, not only, succeed in your weigh loss goals, but in your life goals.  I want you to feel energized, sleep better, have healthy habits and tools in your back pocket for those days when you don’t feel like having  a salad.

So, getting to the title of the blog post: Healthy All the Time?  Am I healthy all the time? No, but I am healthy about 80-90% of the time.  It’s all about balance.  AND learning what the balance means for you.  It’s about choice and learning what choice makes you feel the best.  Example: deep fried food tastes delicious but I know if I eat it I will get a stomach ache and most of the time I don’t want that so, I choose not to eat deep fried foods.  There are times when I don’t care and eat it…..but then I am always like, “why did I eat that….not worth the stomachache”

Learning what “diet” works for you, learning how to make those choices, learning how to be healthy during holidays, during stressful times, during the changing seasons……that is what being healthy is all about.  Learning how to lose weight and keep it off and never again having to yo-yo diet is the goal when you work with me.  Is it sexy? No…..could I market it differently? Yes, but honestly I don’t want to be like the rest of them and lie or sell you false comments.  If you want to learn how to be healthy and you are willing to work at it then my program will WORK-but you have to WANT it and WORK for it.  Are you ready to change your life? 🙂

Our next Kickstart is in September.  This is a 28 Day program designed to help you start to learn how to be healthy.  You will jump start your metabolism.  You will lose weight and inches.  You will feel more energized and you will sleep better at night.  If you are ready to start this journey-contact me to get on the list.  You can reach me at

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Hope to see you in soon!