Healthy Snack Ideas

It’s in between meals and you are hungry. Here’s some easy snack ideas-

Low Carb Ideas

  1. Chomps stick+laughing cow cheese wedge+nuts
  2. Macadamia nuts+1/2 an apple+deli meat
  3. Protein smoothie
  4. hard boiled eggs+avocado+1 slice Ezekiel bread
  5. tuna packet+avocado+seeded crackers

Regular Macro Ideas

  1. Protein smoothie
  2. Yogurt+pb+berries
  3. Dried edamame +dried apple slices
  4. Roasted chickpeas
  5. Pb bites

Another idea I have been trying the past couple of weeks is eating more during my meals so I am not snacking in between meals. It does require a bit more planning so you hit your protein at each meal but it seems to be working. Another benefit-I don’t have to worry about a snack.

Grab this macro cheat sheet

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