152. Double your productivity in less time!

What! Yes, get ready to hear how you can get more done in less time leaving you more time to do the things that are fun to you.

On today’s episode, John Briggs, talks about how we can implement this into our work day.

John Briggs is the founder of Incite Tax and the author of another book, Profit First For Microgyms, he has built an amazing team of Nontraditional accountants to help combat the IRS bullying and change the accounting industry from within.

Through his 12+ years of Entrepreneurship he has learned that achieving a highly profitable business can be overwhelming, particularly with all the barriers and unknowns that new owners are forced to deal with. Entrepreneurs can quickly become stressed and often sadly give up on the mission that they set out for because of burnout. Which is why John wrote his second book, The 3.3 Rule Book.

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