Healthy Thanksgiving

Most people gain weight between Thankgiving and Christmas.  That really isn’t the issue, the issue is most people that gain the weight between the holiday seasons don’t take it off and it just keeps accumulating until one day you wake up and wonder how you gained 30lbs.

Here are some tips to keep you healthy this Thanksgiving while still enjoying your favorite foods.

1.  Check out the buffet line before getting in line.   By checking out the food first you know what you want to put on your plate

2.  Pick your favorite Thanksgiving food and put that on your plate first.  (Mine is my mom’s stuffing….yum) Then look over the buffet table and think to yourself-what do I not really care if I eat?  (Mine is bread)  Whatever it is you decide DON’T put that on your plate.  I would rather eat 2 helpings of my mom’s stuffing then a piece of bread.  So decide where you want to “spend” your calories and where you don’t want to “spend your calories”

3.  Put something green on your plate.  Salad, brussel sprouts….something green to help get in your veggie count for the day.

4.  Don’t eat the pie crust.  Most of the calories in pie comes from the crust so if you want to have 2 pieces of pie, just don’t eat the crust and you will save yourself some calories.

I hope these tips will help you enjoy Thanksgiving and still have you fitting into your skinny jeans for Black Friday Shopping!


Happy Thanksgiving

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