Heart Healthy Exercises

We are continuing on with our health healthy theme. This is our last post in this series and today we are talking about health healthy exercises. All exercise is good for your heart, but today I will talk about specific ones that could help you get healthy and stay healthy.

Everyone always thinks cardiovascular exercise when they think heart healthy exercises and yes, cardiovascular exercise is great for heart and lung health. Choose any type of cardiovascular exercise you like and do that 2-3 days per week for 30 minutes. If you are a beginner start with walking for 5-10 minute then increase your time as you get stronger.

Yoga/Stretching/Mediating is very important for heart health. I am lumping yoga, stretching, mediating together because some people may prefer 1 over the other. You will get mostly similar results from all of them. The result we are looking for is lowering stress and mindfulness. Learning how to tune into your body will help with lowering stress, resting heart rate and blood pressure. If you are interested in yoga/stretching I would recommend taking a class so you can learn how to perform the poses correctly. As for mediating there are lots of different apps that can help you with learning how to quit the mind and/or visualization.

Becoming heart healthy will have lots of other benefits as well like weight loss, more energy, you will sleep better at night. Take these tips we have talked about over the last 4 weeks and start implementing them into your lifestyle. We talked about diet, supplements and exercise.

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