Who Won?

+ heart healthy supplements

This is the third part in our four part series of heart health-supplements. Today let’s chat about supplements that will help with heart health. AND then……a bonus…….we just finished our Resolution Revolution Challenge and I want to tell you who the winners were and share some before/after photos-so stick around to see those!

Heart Healthy Supplements-If you don’t like fish you are in luck, you can take an Omega 3 supplement daily to help you get your daily intake of omega-3’s. The other supplement that can help make your heart healthy is Co-Q10. CoQ10, is an enzyme that the body naturally produces to facilitate important functions including electron transport and blood pressure regulation. Sometimes, we need a supplement of Co-Q10 to help keep our hearth healthy. Some other supplements that can help with heart health is garlic and Vitamin B. You can learn more about these supplements here. It is very important to take high quality supplements. Check the company, do they do outside testing, are the supplements organic, non-gmo and are they ok for athletes to use? If you are not sure, ask me. I can show you where to look.

AND the winners of the Resolution Revolution Challenge are…….

Jeanette, Dani and Monica

Jeanette lost 8 inches and 10lbs!
Dani lost 5.57% of her body weight
Monica lost 6.75 inches

During this 4 week challenge participants were given a food list to follow as well as recipes. They came to group training 2 days per week. Some examples of what we ate: chicken club wrap, taco bowls, chocolate smoothies and drank lots of water 🙂 Here are a couple more before/after photos

Congrats to everyone that participated in this challenge. If you want to see your body transform then join us on our next challenge!! Put your name on the list by contacting Lisa at lisa@bodyworksprescott.com AND make sure to get on our email list so you are the first to know about all our new programs and challenges. Join our email list here