How Did They Do?

How Did They Do?

Our Fall 28 Day Kickstart ended a couple of weeks ago.  So, how did our 30 participants do?  Read on to see before/after photos and much more.

The 28 Day Balanced Habits Kickstart is offered 3 times per year.  It is designed to jump start your metabolism and teach you how to start eating healthy.  It is personalized to you.  We detail out your exact grams of protein, carbohydrates and fat so you are eating balanced food to help balance out your body and allow your body to start losing weight.  This is an amazing program to help you lose weight, lose inches and learn how to eat for your body.

Our local participants receive recipes, binder, journal, private FB group, weekly weigh-ins with a food coach and 2 days per week of group training at Body Works.

Our non-local (remote) participants receive recipes, binder, journal, private FB group, weekly weigh-ins with a food coach and workouts made for them via our training app.

If you are interested in what we get to eat check out this blog post where I talk about the food we are eating and you can see pictures of the delicious food we eat


Our Fall 28 Day Kickstart Winners

Our first place winner, that lost the highest % of body weight is Michelle!  Michelle lost 7% of her body weight in 28 days!


Our 2nd place winner, that lost 6.21% of her body weight is April!

Bill lost 17lbs and learned how to eat for his body!!

Kelly is down 9 inches in 28 days!

Testimonials from our Fall Kickstarters

“I can’t say enough good things…I love the accountability, the recipes are amazing and the group training workouts are a great addition! I also really love the support in the group fb page, seeing everyone’s food pics, the groups struggles, the groups scale and non-scale victories, but also the support and positive energy that everyone shared!!!” Monica

“This was my second time doing Kickstart. There is a reason I’ve done it again! It’s because the plan is easy to follow. You learn to fuel your body with proper nutrition. Group training is fun and the support you get from everyone along the way is outstanding. My favorite part is the recipes-learning to cook balanced meals for everyone in my family.” Brittani

“Love the program. I started with kick start in January 2017, went on to the Life program graduated and then did kickstart again in September 2017. Since Jan 2017 I have lost 50lbs and lots of inches. I have learned how to fuel my body with proper portions of proteins, fat and carbs. I learned that working out is something i must incorporate in my life if I want to stay healthy. I actually enjoy the group workouts and classes. The best part of the program is the coaches, instructors and other participants support and encouragement. I often think about what if i never took this step, i would still be my tired overweight unhappy self😣 I am so happy where I am today and look forward to my healthy future!” Nicole

Our next 28 Day Kickstart will be in January.  Join our list NOW by leaving your contact info here   and we will contact you to answer any questions you have and put you on the pre-registration list.  Don’t wait-we fill up quickly!