How I lost 40lbs and Kept It Off

  I hope you feel you are not alone in your weight loss journey.  I have been there and know how you feel.  I remember feeling frustrated and angry.  I was eating healthy and working out and yet the scale wasn’t budging.  Why?  What I have learned is everybody is different, everybody responds to food differently.  So, that diet your friend did might not work for you.  Especially if you have yo-yo dieted in the past. 

How did I lose the weight?  I figured out what worked for my body.  But-just because I lost that weight doesn’t mean that what I did then, works for me now.  Your body changes every decade (if not sooner) so your nutrition, habits, and exercise need to change to keep you feeling your best.  This is why learning what works for your body now is crucial so you can continue to feel your best year after year.

After reading the last 2 paragraphs you know why we all struggle with this-there is so much information and we are all different so the “diet” that worked for your friend may not work for you. 

That is why I got into the health and wellness field so I could help others who are trying to get healthy but feels like it’s just not working.  I have worked with hundreds of clients that are just like you.  They want to feel good in their body, they want to live a healthy lifestyle because they know that is what it takes to live a long and fulfilled life. 

If you are feeling overwhelmed with where to start or you already eat healthy but can’t seem to get the scale to budge then hop on a call with me where we will dive into creating new habits, mindset changes, nutrition guidance and so much more.

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 I can’t wait to help you start to live a life of health, happiness and abundance.