How to beat cravings

Cravings-we all get them. How come some people cave into them and others don’t? It’s all about your mindset.

Sometimes when you crave things it is your bodies way of telling you it needs certain vitamins/minerals. For example-if you are craving red meat if could be your body letting you know it is low in iron or B6. If you are taking a multi-vitamin or eating healthy already then normally these cravings are just habits.

Cravings are habits, you have trained your body to “crave” certain foods at certain times. For example: after supper you crave chocolate. That’s because after supper you eat chocolate so you have trained your body to have chocolate after supper (and usually supper is a salty meal….so having salt=having chocolate. It’s just a habit).

Now that we know it is just a habit how can be break this habit? It is easier to re-train ourselves to do another habit then to “break” an unhealthy habit. For example: after supper you go for a walk instead of eating chocolate. You are replacing the eating chocolate habit with going for a walk.

Some other ideas: brush your teeth, drink flavored water, find a hobby (here is a list if you need ideas), take a bath, read a book, paint your nails, clean the house…etc. Retrain your brain to do something else instead of eat.

It can be hard at first but if you keep doing your new habit it will eventual become easy, just like eating the chocolate 🙂

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