16.How to talk about money with your spouse

Welcome to the podcast Jenn Aube. Jenn is the author of, Naked Wealth. A book all about how to communicate about finances with your spouse. I thought this was such an important topic that this episode is raw. Meaning, no music and no production went into this. We wanted to get this to you ASAP because it truly could change your relationships with your spouse and with money.

Hi, I’m Jennifer Aube – the author and mastermind behind Naked Wealth.   Being a mom to four kids, a wife to a top notch contractor, and a business owner, I understand how crazy life can get!  It is hard to carve out the time to have serious money conversations, and never mind spend the time researching everything you need to discuss in order to be confident that you are both optimizing your money and protecting it. 
In almost a decade in the financial world, through conversations with friends, family and clients, I have become passionate about financial intimacy and helping couples and families talk about money and wealth.  Everyone talks about how to make money, but few are discussing how your money attitudes effect your relationships and decisions throughout the lifespan.  If you are looking  for someone to help you put the pieces together, help you and your spouse get on the same page, or help you decipher the financial lingo out there, I’m your girl!
When I am not writing and working with clients, I can be found biking in Florida with my family, visiting farmers markets, or enjoying a nice meal.
I love to teach, and I previously taught at the graduate level.  I am passionate about education and hold a Master of Science in Special Education as well as a Specialist in Education Degree.  I am a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, which is basically the doctorate degree in the financial planning world. I have made my mission to encourage planning and conversation among families throughout the lifespan in order to help you achieve freedom and fulfillment.

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